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DelMundo Images features the photography of husband and wife team Herbert and Beth Eisengruber. Both are deeply passionate about travel, archaeology and fine art photography.

Herbert Eisengruber graduated in 1995 from the renowned College of Print, Graphic Design and Photography in Munich, Germany with a bachelors degree. He worked as a graphic designer in Munich for 3 years until his immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1998. Operating his own graphic design and photo studio for 10 years, he dealt with many fantastic clients including the National Gallery of Canada, the Town of Annapolis Royal and the Annapolis Heritage Society. Among his clients were some of the finest Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Canada. Since 2007, he lives with his wife in Calgary, Alberta. He worked as an workshop instructor for a national photographic retailer and taught photo seminars for the Calgary Public Library and through his own studio. His work is featured in many international publications, books, magazines, newspapers, TV and the Internet.

Beth Eisengruber learned the craft of photography in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her keen eye for colors and photographic situations were perfected while managing a photofinishing studio for a national photofinishing house in Canada. She is an accomplished photographer, and her work reflects her passion for life, other cultures and the beauty that surrounds us.

Contact us: info@delmundoimages.com

The Two of us in a Mirror

The Eisengrubers are also the Publishers of Sightseeing Magazine, a Publication for Travel, Adventure and Photography and can be contacted via Email: info@sightseeingmagazine.com

Technical stuff: Our images are taken with many different cameras and media, analog and digital. We use the latest digital camera technology as well as vintage  Rolleiflexes from the 1960s.

On our site you will find images with film grain and imperfections. Our images are are not taken by our cameras, they are taken by us, human beings with emotions and imperfections. 

The tin type photo on the right was taken with a camera from 1896 and is Copyright Luz Studios.

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